Barefoot Traveller

Some people are content to live in the same place with the same people for their entire lives. And that's perfectly fine. It's actually quite beautiful how there are people born like that and are perfectly happy with what they have been given. In fact, I would think that the majority of the population would be satisfied with a job, good friends, a family, a nice home in a nice place. They wouldn't feel any urge to go beyond that and discover more. Sometimes I wish I was like that. My life would be simple. But I was born with my soul scattered all over the globe and have no other choice but to go and collect the pieces wherever they may be. I used to dream of traveling, meeting people from different places, knowing about other cultures, talking different languages and seeing amazing things. So I started saving and I am now nearly half way through my trip and it's the best thing I have ever done. I am living my dream.

My first stop was Australia . I went to Hervey Bay so I could go whale watching. Whales have always been fascinating to me and I admire the fact that despite their enormity, they still manage to be so graceful. As it was my first stop, I thought I would spoil myself and stay at the Charlton Luxury apartments, which is a four and a half star hotel. It was a lovely resort that was nicely landscaped and had a saltwater pool. In the apartment, the bedroom had an ensuite, cable TV, DVD and was well furnished. The service was fantastic and I would definitely stay there again.

From Hervey Bay , I took the bus to Brisbane and caught a flight to Vanuatu . I stayed in the capital Port Vila overnight and then took a chartered plane to an outer island, Tanna. I stayed in a little bungalow that run on a generator and was given fresh, island food. I particularly like the delicacy lap-lap and fried fish. The people lived in villages that were immaculate despite the primitive building infrastructure. The dirt roads were swept, free of leaves and fallen branches, children ran half naked amongst the elders and the whole community was very friendly. I was taken to Yasur Volcano and was absolutely awestruck. The volcano was alive with flowing lava and spitting flames, the ground grew hotter the further and further we went. I was with Japanese tourists and they were just as happy as me to witness one of Mother Nature's greatest work. The only minor setback was catching an infection from a scratch i got from somewhere. Knysna in South Africa was my next stop. I had a big debate with many of my colleagues and friends regarding visiting Africa . Half of them recommended I did not go due to the recent political upheavals and were concerned about my safety in general, the other half were completely supportive and demanded I go and take a risk. Personally I myself was blasé, but decided to go. And that was a great choice. I loved it. Knysna's streets were full of people from different nationalities with amazing art and crafts. My next journey is throughout Africa, then make my way through Asia and Europe . Its been a blast and I am looking forward to the trip.